About Us

The Center for School Leadership” has been established as result of cooperation between Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) and Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth (MoESY) aiming to support the professional development of in-service and aspiring principals/ vice principals of public or private pre-university educational institutions, by administering the compulsory training, certification process and provide on-the-job continuous professional development training.

Our mission: CSL is committed to prepare better school principals by building their professional leadership and managerial capacities through a high-quality school principal training program.

Our vision: CSL visions schools with well-equipped leaders who positively affect school environment and directly increase the quality of education.

Main tasks of CSL are to:

  • Develop, lead and monitor the process of initial training for in-service principals/ vice-principals and aspiring principals
  • Conduct testing process and equip all qualified candidates with a valid certification in order to be eligible for a school leadership position.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other educational institutions in Albania to improve school leadership policy and standards.
  • Periodically assess needs for training and offer continuous professional development courses for school principals
  • Lead and develop scientific research for school principal professional development and conduct relevant studies on the field.
  • Develop projects that supports the quality of service delivery in the pre-higher education institutions in Albania
  • Facilitate collaboration with similar international institutions.